πληροφορίες για την Κορώνη

Koroni is a coastal town of Messinia. It lies 52 km southwest of Kalamata and it has 1.668 inhabitants, according to the census of 2001. It is famous for its Venetian castle which towers over the city. It belongs to the Municipality of Pylos – Nestor, while based on the Kapodistrias plan was the seat of the Municipality of Koroni

At first glance, the visitor sees the Venetian Castle and the harbor stretching the legs of the settlement. The port, almost always, is “decorated” with sailing and fishing boats that supply the village taverns with fresh fish and seafood.

He immediately one is tempted to walk the quaint whitewashed streets of the city where it meets the old, two-storey mansions built in the medieval pace.

It is essential to carry out a stop at the museum store a variety of vessels, columns, capitals and considered admirable collection of ancient coins from different eras of Ancient Greece.

The next destination of the route is the famous Venetian Castle of Koroni towering mansions, although over the centuries. It seems to float in the sea, in harmony with the village that touches its walls. Once at the castle, they found that all the Messinian Gulf unfolds before the eyes of astonished admiration from visitors. Please note that the castle is inhabited even nowadays. On the descent from the castle, the cobblestones and wide stairs to the left one can see the mansion chieftain Karapaflou. The road leads to the village square where it meets the Ionian School Cathedral of Agios Dimitrios and the central clock of the settlement.

Situated next to make visible the presence of the multitude of shops in harmony with the architecture of the settlement. Moreover, the square is the crossroads of the village as the little alleys on the left Guide to the port while those on the right in the top neighborhoods.

After the heady of the beauties of nature and history walk, the visitor is flirting with the idea of ​​an enjoyable meal in a great variety of taverns located in the harbor. Trademark these … the hanging octopuses.

Apart from the fish restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors sweeten the palate after the seafood.


Caravans are NOT allowed