Koroni is a coastal town of Messinia. It lies 52 km southwest of Kalamata and it has 1.668 inhabitants, according to the census of 2001. It is famous for its Venetian castle which towers over the city. It belongs to the Municipality of Pylos – Nestor.

Koroni town is a peninsula with the houses of the town spilling down amphitheatre like from the high ground to the harbour on the north side with the more sparsely populated verdant southern slopes culminating in the 3km of golden sands of Zaga Beach – one of the finest in Greece. On the far eastern end of this promontory, dominating the town, is the magnificent Venetian Castle of Koroni.

Stroll through the narrow whitewashed lanes of the medieval town, abundant with geraniums and every colour of bougainvillaea gracing the ancient houses of merchants and artisans. Stop awhile at a harbourside taverna and wonder at the view across the gulf to the Taygetos mountains of the Mani peninsula. Watch the fishermen mending their nets on their brightly painted fishing boats bobbing around in the harbour. See the tall-masted visiting yachts.

Koroni castle is a must see, retaining much of its original fabric and in recent times the subject of extensive conservation and restoration work. Within its walls is the Monastery of St. John from where breathtaking views can be seen from the highest point. The monastery is now administered by nuns, however, still has many fine images of past monastic life. Descend the steps opposite the impressive cemetery to the Church of Panaghia Eleistria scene of an important annual pilgrimage.

After the heady of the beauties of nature and history walk, the visitor is flirting with the idea of ​​an enjoyable meal in a great variety of taverns located in the harbor. Trademark these … the hanging octopuses.

Apart from the fish restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors sweeten the palate after the seafood.