EPIA is the Homeric name for KORONI, which was situated at the actual site of PETALIDI (25 km south of KORONI towards KALAMATA).

  • From 740 to 371 B.C. the region was under Spartan domination.
  • In 369 B.C. it was liberated by the army of Thebes.
  • In 365 B.C. the Thebian General EPIMELIDES reconstructed LPIA and renamed it KORONIA in memory of his homeland.
  • Up to 184 B.C. KORONIA was autonomous. gradually it became known as KORONI
  • In 184 B.C. it joined the Achean league.
  • The Roman domination was peaceful.
  • Towards the 18111 century, under perpetual attack by corsairs Intl 11111111 Invaders, KOHPNI solioht security and moved to its current silo.
  • From 535 to 1205, KORONI, a Byzantine province, survived both the influx of pilgrims as well as assaults from Corsairs and Sarazins.
  • Between 1205 and 1207, KORONI was under Frankish rule.
  • In 1207, it passed peacefully Into Venetian hands.
  • 1255 marked the fortification of the town.
  • From 1209 to 1500, KORONI achieved its summit, as the fourth largest town in Peloponnese, with 30-40,000 inhabitants
  • On 10/08/1500, the Turks invaded KORONI and installed a minaret at St. ROM, currently AGHIOS CHARALAMBIS.
  • The Occupation lasted 32 years and many Koronians expatriated to the Ionian islands.
  • In 1532 under the direction of the General DORIA, the Franks freed KORONI but not for long …
  • From 1534 to 1685 saw another occupation by the Turks This time the Koronians left for southern Italy.
  • From 1685 to 1715 saw a second occupation by Venetians.
  • From 1715 to 1828 involved a third period of Turkish occupation.
  • Meanwhile, the 23/03/1821 at Kalamata, Greek insurgents proclaimed their independence. The Turks occupied the fort of KORONI in return, assassinating atrociously the Greek clergy, among whom figured the Bishop GRIGORI BISTI.
  • During the night of 13/02/1824, the Koronians having prepared an offensive on the fort “RESSALTO”, moved into action. The assault ended in a bloodbath for the Greek insurgents: their bodies were thrown over the fortress walls.
  • In 1825, HIBRAIM PACHA landed at METHONI and razed the whole region.
  • In October 1827, with the aid of world powers France, Russia, Great Britain and Italy, the Turkish Armada was defeated in the bay of Pylos.
  • 18/10/1828, KORONI was one of the first Greek to breathe a new-found air of liberty.